Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Document Requests are made on Oasis. You can request any document with your Oasis ID (Student Number) and password at ‘Document Requests’ menu under Monitor at address. You may request: Transcript (Turkish-English), Double Major Transcript (Turkish-English), Minor Transcript (Turkish-English), Certificate Transcript (Turkish-English), Certified High School Diploma, Prep Class Certificate of Achievement (Turkish-English) , Discipline Document (Turkish-English), Document Stating the Medium of the University (Turkish-English), High Honor/ Honor Student Documents and other documents.

You will be notified via SMS regarding the status of your documents.

You are required to get your documents within 10 days after you receive notification.

You can review the fees on Oasis. You can make payment and request documents.

When paid by credit card, documents will be shipped to your address. When paid by cash, you need to receive them at the University.

You can select living abroad option and request ‘ship to my address’ on Oasis.

Application dates are announced on the Academic Calendar on the University homepage and Graduate Schools’ websites.

You can apply for Alumni Card at Alumni Information System under Update Information-Personal Information section.

It will be shipped to your home address registered in Alumni Information System.

You can upload a photo at Alumni Information System under Update Information section.

You cannot get a remote access to the Library since you become passive in the systems after you graduate. You need to come to the University to use the library.

You can enter Alumni Information System with your Oasis ID (Student Number) and password. Alumni E-Mail allows you get information about University news and events. It is not used for entering the system.

You can view Job Vacancies in detail after entering Alumni Information System.