IUE Alumni E-Mail

  • We provide you with a ‘@alu.ieu.edu.tr’ mail address you can use for life in order to keep in touch as you enter the business world.
  • As you receive your graduation certificate, your std.ieu.edu.tr address becomes passive. Therefore, you are requested to get your alu url mail address by applying for Alumni E-Mail. This address allows you to enter https://webmail.izmirekonomi.edu.tr/ ‘Alumni’ section and get information about University news and events, and stay in touch with other alumni.
  • You can apply for Alumni E-Mail at https://ekoid.izmirekonomi.edu.tr/alumni/  address. Your password will be forwarded to an external email address specified in your form. Please change your password upon entering your email account for the first time.
  • Please notify mezunlarofisi@ieu.edu.tr address if you are having trouble accessing your Alumni E-Mail.