This project is a social responsibility project that has been put forward to prepare students for the transition to professional life, help their career planning, expand their network and find and improve their missing points in line with their career goals with your experience and support.

By blending the talents of young people with your experience, you can support them to get the opportunity to build a strong future and start professional life one step ahead. You can touch their lives so that young people can climb the career ladder of their dreams in the light of this experience.

Aim of the Project

  • Bring students together with the businesspeople who steer the country's economy,
  • Blend capabilities of young people with the experience of masters to build a strong future, and develop Izmir and Turkey,
  • Make sure that masters share their experiences with students,
  • Guide students in the career of their dreams, open the doors to success and prepare them for professional life.
  • Increase the professional, cultural, and academic development of students.

Project Process

  • The requests of students will be taken, and they will be matched with masters from the sector deemed appropriate.
  • Students will be informed about the project process.
  • Student will be sent the contact information of the master with whom s/he is matched. Then, the student will send his/her resume and cover letter explaining his/her career goals and will provide his/her first communication via e-mail.
  • Masters and students will create the project calendar together, and meet at least 5 times.
  • Students will share the topics they ask for support from masters and decide about the most appropriate method during the project process.
  • Students will understand the importance and severity of the project and will express their wishes and expectations clearly.
  • Masters will be able to recommend the trainings they feel necessary in line with student's career goals and may request additional studies and research.
  • Masters will be able to conduct demo studies with students in the sector and department they see fit.

Expectations from the Masters

  • Provide guidance that will facilitate the transition of students from university to professional life,
  • Provide access (network) to professional communities,
  • Support their personal and social development,
  • Provide career guidance to students,
  • Share their experiences on business idea and entrepreneurship topics,
  • Convey opportunities such as education and career abroad,
  • Support students to cope with the challenges they may face in professional life,
  • Give students a wider perspective to help them write a successful career story,
  • Convey the importance of diligence and discipline in professional life.

This project is carried out by the Alumni Relations Office affiliated to the support of Izmir Chamber of Commerce and Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation.