In the Master-Apprentice relationship that we will create by bringing students together with esteemed businesspeople; we will prepare you for professional life in the light of the experience and guidance of masters.

By blending your talents with the experiences of the master, you can build a strong future,  can climb the career ladder of your dreams in the light of this experience and start professional life one step ahead.

Aim of the Project

  • Bring students together with the businesspeople who steer the country's economy
  • Blend capabilities of young people with the experience of masters to build a strong future, and develop Izmir and Turkey,
  • Make sure that masters share their experiences with students,
  • Guide students in the career of their dreams, open the doors to success and prepare them for professional life,
  • Increase the professional, cultural, and academic development of students.

Project Process:

  • You should fill out the 3 Generations of Master-Apprentice project online application form available on the website of Alumni Relations Office.
  • You should inform the project officials regarding the sector / field you want to work in and the questions you will ask the master in order to ensure correct matching.
  • Information of the master you have been matched with will be e-mailed to you.
  • You should establish the initial communication by e-mailing your resume and cover letter, explaining the purpose of benefiting from the project, to the master in order for the master to get to know you better.
  • After the first meeting, you should inform the project officials.
  • You can have at least 5 meetings during the project period, depending on the availability of the master. In these meetings, you should work in line with your career goals and find answers to questions such as "How should I improve myself on what subject?"
  • You can create project calendar with your master. You can decide to determine the subjects and methods that the master will support in this calendar. You should participate in the meetings you have planned with the master and inform the project officials after the meetings.
  • You should understand the importance and severity of the project and express your wishes and expectations clearly.
  • You should keep in touch with the master regularly and take responsibility for the meetings you plan with the master.
  • You should remember to inform the project officials about the project process.
  • 3rd and 4th year students can benefit from this project. 
  • Students can benefit from the Master-Apprentice Project for one time only.

Benefits of this project

  • You can get help along with your career goals,
  • You contribute to your personal development,
  • You can find the opportunity to review your goals and make up for the missing points,
  • You can analyze your strategy and goals from different angles,
  • You expand your network,
  • You can prepare yourself for professional life,
  • You can benefit from the experience of the masters and build your future on a more solid foundation.

Your responsibilities

  • Being ambitious by understanding the importance and severity of the project,
  • Being able to express your wishes and expectations clearly,
  • Responding promptly to phone calls, messages, e-mails,
  • Taking responsibility for organizing the meetings, determining the date, place, and time for each meeting,
  • Notifying in advance about the participation or cancellation of scheduled meetings,
  • Reporting possible address, e-mail, or phone number changes,
  • Communicating regularly,
  • Integrating your gains into your career plans,
  • Making sure that the matching is changed by informing the project officials in case the expectations of the parties do not match.

This project is carried out by the Alumni Relations Office affiliated to the support of Izmir Chamber of Commerce and Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation.